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      Furaltadone Hcl
      • Furaltadone Hcl/>

      Furaltadone Hcl

      Cas No:3759-92-0

      Molecular formula:C13H16N4O6·HCl·H2O

      Molecular weight:378.5

      Annual production:300 tons

      Structural formula:

      Detailed description

      Product name: Furaltadone Hcl 
      Molecular formula: C13H16N4O6.HCL.H2O 
      Molecular Weight: 378.79 
      Properties: This product is a yellow crystalline powder, odorless and bitter. 
      CAS number: 3759-92-0 
      Content% (W/W): 98.0-102.0 
      Product name: Furaltadone Hcl 
      role and use: Antibacterial, has a significant effect on coccidia. 
      Specifications: Round paper drum, 25kg/barrel 
      Quality standard: USP28 
      Specifications: Moisture% (W/W) 4.75-5.75 
      Acidity (PH): 3-4 
      Heavy metal (ppm): ≤20 
      Shelf life: 36 months 
      Properties: The product is a yellow crystalline powder, odorless and bitter. 
      Quality Standard: Enterprise Standard

      This chemical product is for export only.

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