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      5-Nitrofurfural Diacetate
      • 5-Nitrofurfural Diacetate/>
      • 5-Nitrofurfural Diacetate/>

      5-Nitrofurfural Diacetate

      Cas No:92-55-7

      Molecular formula:C9H9NO7

      Molecular weight:243

      Annual production:300 tons

      Structural formula:

      Detailed description

      Product name:5-Nitro-2-furaldehydediacetate

      Description of properties: very light yellow crystalline powder.

      CAS: 92-55-7

      Molecular weight: 243.17 
      Molecular formula: C9H9NO7

      Content: ≥98.5% 
      Melting point: 89-93°C

      Standard: Enterprise Standard

      Uses: Used as pharmaceutical intermediates, used in the manufacture of furan anti-infectives such as furazolidone, nitrofurazone, furadantin, nitrovin, nifuroxazide, veterinary raw materials, flavors, etc.

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