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    1. President's Speech
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      Party member leader who creates corporate culture

      Quzhou Weirong Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd. Party Secretary Wu Weirong


      Wu Weirong, male, born in January 1965, joined the Communist Party of China in July 1993. He is now the secretary, chairman  of the Party branch of Quzhou Weirong Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Since its inception, the company has won the honorary title of Provincial Excellent Party Workers in 2011.

      For a long time, he has actively explored ways and means to strengthen the construction of corporate party organizations. Under the premise of adhering to the standards, the company will cultivate the business and technical backbone of the company into party members. Under the premise of maintaining the advanced nature of party members, the party members of the company will be trained into business backbones and the focus will be on On the middle management and technical backbone of the enterprise, we must adhere to key training and key development, and truly achieve “mature one and develop one”. After hard work, the company has cultivated and developed 6 party members. Actively mobilize the members of the company's mobile party members to consciously "light up" the party members, strictly demanding themselves with the standards of party members, consciously enhance the discipline and sense of responsibility of party members, thereby standardizing the party's organizational life and ensuring the effective role of party members. Recruiting managers and employees, under the same conditions, prioritize the recruitment of party members, constantly absorbing excellent party members to the company, so that the party members of the company continue to grow and become an indispensable force for the company's development. According to the personal business and skill expertise of the party members and individual performance, the post is arranged to exercise, so that the party members stand in the “front row” in research and development, production and other links, so that a large number of party members develop into the main backbone of the company and embark on management positions. .

      He actively guided and worked hard to improve the quality of production and operation of employees and the political work of party members and cadres. Strengthen the construction of the party branch itself and improve the political business quality of party members. The 1-3 days of each month will be designated as the party member study day, and the theme, selected content, and different forms of communication will be carried out according to the actual situation. The company's party branch organizes 15 studies a year. With party members as the backbone, comprehensive training for employees will be carried out. Party members and cadres are the backbone of the company. Most of them are in the positions of leading cadres and have a high level of political business. Taking party members and cadres as teachers, organize department and workshop staff to carry out political training, production technology operation, safety production common sense, and environmental protection knowledge professional training, and comprehensively improve the quality of employees' political business. Organize 10 professional trainings per year. Take the way to come in and send out training. In order to improve the quality and specifications of training and strengthen the quality management training of veterinary drugs, the company invited experts from the Provincial Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau to teach. For quality inspection personnel, safety management personnel, environmental supervisors, and special operations personnel, they are sent to relevant professional training units for training. The company is licensed to operate and operate, and employees are certified to work.

      In recent years, under his meticulous training, the company's party members have continued to grow with the development of the company, and have successively provoked heavy burdens and fought in various positions. In the project research and development, scientific research results transformation production projects, project and product approval and management, project construction, financial accounting, production management, product sales, equipment maintenance and other aspects of the task.

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